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“Where was God During the Bad Times?” 

Now there's a question we've all been faced with at some time in our lives. So, what's the answer? Why didn't we hear His voice or see a sign in the heavens letting us know that He was near? Read more


God’s Good Thoughts

It all started with a good thought...when God created the heavens and the earth. All of nature, the skies, the land and oceans are products of God's good thoughts. More than that... Read more


Conferred Value

You are not an are God's original thought manifested here on this earth! Read more

Brannon Carnes

Worship Leader

As songwriter, producer, pastor, international worship leader as well as worship mentor, Brannon has devoted his life to fulfilling God’s mandate to ignite others to intimate worship with the Lord. For over 20 years his songs have touched the lives of thousands of people both here and abroad. Discover more



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It Changed My Life...It Can Change Yours

Conferred Value

The message, Conferred Value: the Power of Honor, has been burning in my heart for the past several months. God has been dealing with me about how I think about others before I have a chance to speak to them. I was being prejudice and didn't know it. I was prejudging others before I could hear their story.

Meet the Family


Did you know?

Some interesting facts about us!

First Job

In 1988, Brannon worked for a company that edited & packaged photos. His job was to remove the glare in glasses. 

First Gig 

At age 8, Brannon began playing for his father’s church in Indiana. One Sunday when his parents were away, someone sang in the wrong key. This sent Brannon running out of the sanctuary crying!

The Visual Artist

Brannon is a visual artist. Computer graphics and graphite portraits are his other passions. He is commissioned to draw pencil portraits. He began drawing at age 4. 

The Singing Accountant

Denise is an accountant. She also sings on the praise team at their church. That’s where she and Brannon first met. 

The Children

Benaiah (Ben) is 5 years old and Abigail is 17 months old (the picture above is when she was 4 months old). 


Brannon & Denise’s first ministry trip together was to Taiwan in 2010. 

Two Decades

Brannon has been in full-time ministry for over twenty years!


Brannon will celebrate his first book launch in 2015!

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